An EDM Consultancy product that brings meaningful understanding to your dark data.

What is Dark Data?

Understanding the information that lies deep within your data has become increasingly more unmanageable. Data may reside within your multiple repositories that you would be unaware of without knowing exactly what to search for. Unknown data that resides there is what is referred to as Dark Data - Data that is unaccounted for.

Gartner, Inc. defines dark data as:

The information assets organizations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purpose.

What does Analyze do to mitigate the problem?

EDM Consultancy recognizes this problem and has created a product, Analyze, to bring this Dark Data to light by applying intense machine learning algorithms coupled with your unique business rules. As the digital landscape grows, having knowledge of this data becomes paramount. Analyse delves deep into your multiple data repositories to provide a graphical and contextual understanding of this data that was previously unapparent.

Application Highlights

  • Intensive machine learning algorithms group conceptually relevant documents together in real time.
  • Using machine learning for defensible policy application.
  • Generate document clusters to delve deep within your repositories and expose your Dark Data.Horizontal backend architecture provides scalability to meet your business growth.
  • Our intuitive dashboard provides graphical representations of policy adherence, document retention, and document duplicates as well as search and category training.
  • Report generation as part of a workflow.
  • Connectors are able to utilize hundreds of repositories and fie types, enabling collection of swaths of data from many fie sources.

Make the right decision. First time.

EDM Consultancy’s Decision-Tree technology is a unique feature of the Analyze product. It is capable of producing complex Boolean truth-tree searches that follow a drag and drop node workflow. This allows for complex category matching and flexibility as your business rules change. The Decision-Tree uses an intuitive interface so that business users are able to create complex categorical matching and mitigates the need for a more technical audience. This makes HubAnalyse a very powerful and user friendly tool with the ability to abstract the technical need from functionality.