• How much do you really know about your data?

    Over 80% of all business relevant information is unaccounted for and unstructured

  • It's time to understand
    your data

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that created meaning around your hidden data without the need for human interaction?

  • Introducing Analyze

    EDM Consultancy has created a platform to couple meaning with all of your unstructured and dark data

  • Machine Learning Intelligence

    Utilizing unique machine learning algorithms and state of the art hardware architectures, this platform manages and identifies all information in real-time

  • Let us help you

    See how EDM Consultancy can save you time and cost savings across your enterprise

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Our Products

An EDM Consultancy product that brings meaningful understanding to your dark data.

Understanding the information that lies deep within your data has become increasingly more unmanageable. Data may reside within your multiple repositories that you would be unaware of without knowing exactly what to search for. Unknown data that resides there is what is referred to as Dark Data - Data that is unaccounted for.

EDM Consultancy recognizes this problem and has created a product, Analyze, to bring this Dark Data to light by applying intense machine learning algorithms coupled with your unique business rules. As the digital landscape grows, having knowledge of this data becomes paramount. Analyze delves deep into your multiple data repositories to provide a graphical and contextual understanding of this data that was previously unapparent.

Analyze was designed to create superior digital intelligence around your data. By utilizing our in-house machine learning algorithms to create an understanding of this data, Analyze makes Dark Data discovery a reality.

Our connectors are able to collect from hundreds of repositories and file types, ensuring that data can be harvested wherever it resides. Analyze allows you to search, conceptualize, and categorize all of your data in real time.

Integrate search & discovery tools for multiple CMS platforms into Microsoft Outlook©.

Support for Medirio, Microsoft Sharepoint© and Windows© file system. Support for additional systems planned for later this year.

Manage folders and documents from multiple leading content management systems all from within Outlook©. Edit document properties, declare as records or delete etc.

Drag & drop files from the file system into Outlook©. These will get uploaded to relevant CMS.

Dock extends provides a more detailed search to help you indentify relevant documents more easily.

Manage all your CMS systems from
one intuitive web client.

A modular communication layer provides a simple way to connect with only the existing content management systems. This results in HUB being lightweight, fast and easy to deploy.

Users no longer need to download the physical content to fid the fie they need. With features such as quick preview, hit highlighting and advanced searching, this makes HUB a highly effctive eDiscovery tool.

Cut, copy and paste multiple documents not only within the current document repository but across all supported platforms, removing the need for a full data migration when retiring legacy systems.

Confiurable and customizable layout - users can control which filds to display in search results and record lists.

Combine all your searches into one set
of results - clear and simple.

Compatible with an array of leading search technologies – including HP Autonomy IDOL, Apache Solr and Microsoft Search Engine.

Integrates with existing search clients with support for many of the leading HP and Microsoft search interfaces.

Converts index and query responses in real time to formats compatible with each supported platform.

Provides an administrative overview of your search repositories. Complete control over search results with advanced features such as "Engine Boost".